Thursday, April 22, 2010

They Left Me

to fend for myself for 3 days.

It all started on Sunday. Which is just like any normal day, except that you hear more hustle and bustle in the house. Each asking the other to hurry up because 'it's late'. Feet shuffling, bathroom door being open shut, open shut, open shut. Shower water sound on. Shower water sound off. Shower water sound on. Shower water sound off. More shuffling of feet. More shouting. More rushing. Then the great wooden door opens. And it closes. And there is silence.

Checked my bowl. Good. They didn't forget to feed me. Off to sleep.
I rose from my sleeping spot when it is dark. Very unusual for them to not be home. They better hurry. My biscuit bowl is empty. My tummy was growling.
I heard the great wooden door being unlocked. I ran as fast as I could to the sound and lay on my back preparing to be tickled.

Hmm... the people smelt unfamiliar, but I was tickled anyway. Sniffed the two unknown ladies' feet. One I have smelt before, the other no, but they both smell the same.
I heard the cold door being opened. Must be dinner time. True enough it was. Wet tuna was placed in my blue bowl. I ate, but not much.
Where's Chloe?

Spent the night in the dark.

I heard the crows at the window. Must be morning. Ran to the master bedroom to wake HRH and Chloe up. Where's HRH? She normally feeds the fishies in the morning and I follow her around. I climbed on the bed. I smell them, but I don't see them.

Where are they?

When the windows were beaming with heat, I heard the great wooden door unlock. It must be them! I ran to the door and lay on my back.
"Dizzie!" I heard.
Not Chloe. Not HRH. But a little girl. I vaguely remember her touch on my coat, but my memory could not search for her.

Being a normal cat, I hid under the bed. She tried to coax me out. I closed my eyes until everything was gone. Walked to the kitchen and saw food in my bowl. Chloe must have returned and gone out. Silly of me to sleep through it.

I must make sure I stay awake tonight so I can see them all return home and play with me.

I hear the crows. Can't open eyes any longer. Must sleep.

The beams from the window warmed me.
The great wooden door unlocked again! Is it them? Or is it the other them?

It's the girl again. When have I felt her? Where have I smelt her? Where have I seen her?
I hid under the bed again.

Chloe, HRH, where are you?

When I heard the great wooden door close, I came out. I smelled food. I ate nonetheless and hid again. Just in case.
As the windows began to cool down, I heard the door unlock again. There is no way I will be fooled again. I heard "Dizzie! Whereareyooo?"

Familiar voice, but I don't want to go out.

It's Chloe and HRH!!! They've returned!!! I shall start sulking now.



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